Life in a small fishing village in the Philippines: men preparing fishing nets, children's dreams in their eyes and the  sea , always connected to these families through food, work and life. The  Philippines  are comprised of more than 7000 islands, most people live on the coast which means that the Ocean is a central for their existence.     Work undertaken in collaboration with the  Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines .
  Apo Reef Natural Park  contains the  largest contiguous reef system  in the  Philippines . There are two small islands in the system, one is inhabited and one where a group of  rangers  live. They patrol the Natural Park from illegal fishing activities and control the tourism numbers. The ranges with the assistance of the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines, have started undergoing an assessment of the marine megafauna including  sharks ,  rays  and  turtles . The research involves deploying a remote camera system and leaving it to record for a set amount of time at different depths around the reef to assess the  abundance  and  biodiversity  of this incredibly rich place.
 University students dissecting a  Green turtle .   Necropsies provide invaluable information about the death of an animal. Although it looks gruesome it is necessary to understand the cause of death.      Work undertaken in collaboration with the  Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines .
 The Governorate of  Musandam  is a rocky peninsula of Oman which is famous because of its rocky fjords and waters which are home of different species of dolphins and sharks. Unfortunately the shark demand in Asia is still very high, mainly for the popular  shark fin soup  considered a delicacy and for the so called medical properties of shark gills. Whilst seeing  dolphins  on the surface is almost assured, seeing sharks even whilst scuba diving is very rare, primarily because some species are bottom dwellers and secondarily because they are caught by  local fisherman . The locals have very little interest in shark meat in fact these creatures are shipped to Dubai, the gateway to  Asia.  The income from shark fishing is very important for the local economy but a shark is ever so more profitable alive than dead, both because of its importance in maintaining a healthy ocean and because of its tourism value.