My name is Diana Scalfati and I'm an Italian photographer and filmmaker. My journey to where I am today started after graduating in Cinematography and working on a documentary for the United Nations Development Programme about the importance of water as a resource in different parts of the world. I started realizing the massive importance of storytelling in creating awareness and eventually change. That’s when I started working in collaboration with a marine conservation NGO based in the Philippines, the Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines, working on stories for different awareness campaigns. My drive to inspire and protect the environment, and the people and animals that inhabit it grew even stronger and brought me to collaborate with WWF Australia and Earth Hour Australia as well as several other Australian NGOs. 

I use the craft of visual storytelling, in the form of photography and video, to tell meaningful stories, molding each one based on the kind of reach, audience and characters. Telling stories with a purpose, be it for fundraising or raising awareness, is my main focus. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the development of any story you would like to tell.

I’m proficient in Italian, English and Spanish and feel comfortable traveling and working in remote locations. 


Companies I worked with:



Diana is fantastic to work with, she is a talented photographer and videographer and is great with people – whether they are her colleagues, clients or the communities she is working with. She has great attention to detail and has a strong sense of style. Diana fully understands the sensitivity of the working with an NGO and can produce engaging, dynamic media content from even the most challenging situations. She is a joy to work with.
— Sally Snow, Large Marine Vertebrates Research Institute Philippines
Diana was a great asset for our festival, adapting herself in our group dynamics in a multi-language environment. She is very professional and a great coworker. Her videos in our social media were an improvement to deliver our message to a wider audience as she understood what we wanted to communicate and how. Her videos are able to mix very well cinematic aesthetic with effective messages.
— Giulio Vita, La Guarimba Film Festival
Working with Diana was a dream! From the beginning, we could see she was a self-starter, contributing to her assignment both above and beyond what her role required. Diana displayed both leadership and initiative and the entire team of 8 relied on her a considerable amount. She’s not only an ample task manager, displaying the traits needed to manage tight production budgets and timelines but she also possesses astute technical skills.
— Ben Bartle, UNDP Project Manager
Working with Diana on two projects to The Business Designers was very easy and a seamless process. The results were creative and well shot. I would highly. Recommend working with Diana.
— Emma Morgan, The Business Designers