Cinemamambulante is a project created to connect people and create a community. It puts together itinerant film screenings and a film residency both pointed towards integration and collectiveness. This video was made to explain the project and get more people involved.

Kino Guarimba is a film residency where international people who don’t know each other get together to shoot, edit and screen short films in a tiny coastal town in Southern Italy. This short video was shot and edited during the residency as behind the scenes.

Cleto is an ancient stone village positioned on the mountains of Southern Italy and because of its position it is almost abandoned. In August a group of volunteers organize a festival to rebuild a sense of community through music, art, theatre, literature and debates. This video was made as a recap of the event.

An immersive Yoga Retreat set in a magical ex convent in a small Italian town, where you don’t only practice and learn through yoga but also through tending the gardens, cooking and doing community work. This is the video recap of the weekend.

During Felici & Conflenti there is no defined line between the traditional music classes and the spontaneous moments of dance and music. The day seems like a never ending flow of movement and sound. These are two of the seven daily videos I was making and publishing the next day.